6 Reasons We Love Nepal

6 Reasons We Love Nepal
February 8, 2018 Purnaa Staff
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Nepal is a small and beautiful country with different kinds of scenery, languages, cultures, traditions, and much more. Even the small places of Nepal define the country. There are many reasons to love this place, but here are just a few of ours.


The natural diversity is something we love because all life depends upon it. From the flat lands to the mountains, it all works together to sustain life.

2. Natural beauty

One of the things we love the most about Nepal is the natural beauty. Describing the hills can be difficult because they contain different kinds of trees, animals, birds, rivers, and fresh air which makes it an amazing place. The Himalayan mountains are what Nepal is famous for, their white color gives views that are breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains are home to a lot of rivers which give water in generating hydroelectricity.

3. Animals

Nepal has a lot of diversity of animals. There are numbers of birds and mammals which helps to add to the beauty of Nepal.

4. Food

Due to the different terrain in Nepal, we have a lot of different kinds of fruits and vegetables throughout the country.

5. Activities

Nepal is one of the most visited countries of the world because there are so many activities to do in nature; mountains to climb, rivers to fish, hills for hiking, and so much more. The natural places have a deep connection with human beings.

6. People

The Nepalese people are hardworking with kind and giving hearts. In reality, if you want to live a life, you have to live in Nepal. We choose to live in Nepal because we love the lives that we have here.


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