Give the Gift of Hope

Give the Gift of Hope
November 22, 2017 Katrina Bryant
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Many Purnaa employees come from marginalized or exploited backgrounds and were denied the things needed for a healthy life. The Empowerment Fund helps them access services beyond those traditionally provided by an employer, giving them opportunities to get healthy and “caught up” in life. This assistance is made possible by private donations given to Purnaa’s Empowerment Fund from people like you.


While Purnaa is a business, and we believe in market driven solutions to change lives, we also see that sometimes we need to be able to do more than what a business can provide for our staff. Purnaa works to ensure that all staff can access trainings that equip them for healthy lives and dignified employment.


So, annually we fundraise for Purnaa’s Empowerment Fund, an account that is solely funded by generous individuals, to enable us to offer services like those listed below.



We anticipate needing $40,000 USD this coming fiscal year to continue helping in these ways. The Empowerment Fund is run separately from Purnaa’s business accounting and is made possible by gifts from people like you. Would you consider partnering with us to empower more people to freedom? Donations are tax-deductible.



Purnaa partners with Youth With A Mission – Colorado Springs.
Click HERE To Make a Tax-Deductible Donation Online.

To Give By Mailing a Check:
Make checks out to Youth With A Mission, and include a separate note that it is for “Purnaa’s Empowerment Fund”.  Mail to:
Donor Services, YWAM, PO Box 60579,
Colorado Springs, CO 80960

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