Meet Team Gopi

Meet Team Gopi
May 20, 2016 Sonja Kraft
In Purnaa People

Meet Team Gopi, one of our three sewing teams here at Purnaa. The team is led by Gopi, who has been the team leader for about one year. When Gopi was hired at Purnaa, he started out as a sewer and he has worked his way up to a team leader.


Team Gopi, along with our two other sewing teams, works together to sew and package products for our customers. The type of products they make range from bags to shorts to shirts, but their favorite thing they have made is ponchos, because they are fun and easy.


The team is full of joy and positive energy. They like to make their work fun and funny by joking and laughing with each other. You can usually find their work area full of the vibrant and upbeat sounds of Hindi music, which is their favorite type of music to listen to while working. Even with all of their fun, they still know how to work hard to reach their production goals.


The team includes, Gopi from middle eastern Nepal, Chamalay from the Pokhara area, Nirmala from Kathmandu, Shobha from western Nepal, Punam from western Nepal, Anita from Pokhara, and Kopila from the Pokhara area.


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