Meet Team Indira

Meet Team Indira
June 27, 2016 Sonja Kraft
In Purnaa People

Meet Team Indira, one of our three sewing teams here at Purnaa. The team is lead by Indira, who has been the team leader for about two years. Indira was one of the first employees at Purnaa over three years ago.


Team Indira, along with our two other sewing teams, works together to sew and package products for our customers. The type of products they make ranges from bags to shorts to shirts, but their favorite thing they have made is t-shirts, because everyone on the team knows how to make them so they don’t have to go through the teaching process to get started on the product.


The team is full of fun and laughter, and sometimes even dancing while switching machines. You often find their team with smiles on their faces and laughing about something. Their team likes to keep their work fun and enjoyable by playing music, telling jokes or just chatting with each other when they have a free moment.


The team includes, Urmila from western Nepal, Maya from Kathmandu, Laxmi from western Nepal, Indira from western Nepal, Abina, Anu from Kathmandu and Bina from Kathmandu.

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