Meet the Sampling/Cutting Team

Meet the Sampling/Cutting Team
April 27, 2016 Sonja Kraft
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Meet our Sampling/Cutting team, led by team leader Dadhi (far left). He was one of Purnaa’s first employees and brings over 25+ years of tailoring experience to our company. The Sampling/Cutting team is a central part of Purnaa’s business.  Together, they are responsible for taking a client’s design ideas and bringing them to life.  This involves the highly skilled work of pattern making, sewing sample products, bulk cutting of fabric, and helping our sewing teams understand how best to make new products. Their work also provides much needed data for product pricing and quality control.


As the sampling team, they get to make a lot of different items and styles but their favorite thing to make is casual wear clothing.


The team has a fun and energetic atmosphere. They like to joke around and tease each other, but they also know when it’s time to buckle down and get to work. You will usually find them listening to Hindi music; it is a favorite of quite a few of the members.


The team includes (from left to right), Dadhi, from middle eastern Nepal, Binod, from eastern Nepal, Gunga, from Kathmandu, Sabina, from Kathmandu, Rama, from middle eastern Nepal, and Jitendra, from Kathmandu.

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